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Jenna Davis

Jenna Davis is the faculty advisor to the Poop Group and a co-founder and faculty lead of the Water, Health & Development program at Stanford. Her research and teaching focuses on the interface of engineered water supply and sanitation systems and their users in developing countries. With a background in public health, infrastructure planning, and environmental science & engineering, Davis explores questions related to interventions that trigger household investment in water, sanitation, and hygiene improvements; the features of water and sanitation services that users value and why; the health and economic impacts of improvements in water supply and sanitation; and the keys to long-term sustainability of installed infrastructure.

Over the past 15 years she has carried out applied research in more than a dozen developing countries, including most recently Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Colombia. Davis and her group (the “poop group”) have extensive experience in designing and implementing primary data collection (through household surveys and environmental sampling) in resource-constrained environments across developing regions. She teaches undergraduate- and graduate-level courses in public health, water and sanitation planning in developing countries, and the theory and practice of sustainability.

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Rebecca Gilsdorf

Rebecca is a PhD candidate who is currently working with the World Bank’s Young Professionals Program in Washington, DC.

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Jeff Ho

Jeff is a PhD student in Anna Michalak’s group. Previously Jeff worked with the poop group on incorporating GIS and GPS technologies in analyzing water fetching data from Mozambique.

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Laura Kwong

Laura is a PhD candidate in the Environmental Engineering and Science program within the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Stanford.  Her dissertation research has focused on child exposure to pathogens in Bangladesh. Laura holds undergraduate degrees in chemistry and biology from the University of Minnesota. After graduation, she joined the Environmental Protection Agency and worked with the Office of Water's Office of Science and Technology to implement national water quality standards.

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Dan Worthington Smith

Dan Worthington Smith: Dan is a PhD student in the Environmental Engineering and Sciences program. He holds a BS in Civil & Environmental Engineering from Cornell University and an MSc in Water, Sanitation, and Health Engineering from the University of Leeds, UK. Daniel has worked in environmental remediation in the US and managed water, sanitation, and hygiene programs in Latin America and Africa, including extended residence in Honduras, Peru, Mexico, and The Gambia. His research currently focuses on the demand for water quality improvements among low-income urban households in Bangladesh.

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James Winter

James is a PhD student in Environment Engineering & Science.  He graduated from Harvard in 2011 with a degree in Applied Mathematics and spent 3 years working in public health and management consulting prior to coming to Stanford. He is particularly interested in the provision of potable water and sanitation in low-income, urban environments.

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