Research: WASH, health & development


The links between water, sanitation, hygiene and health are intuitively obvious yet persistently challenging to document in a scientifically rigorous way.  Our group works in the area of modeling health outcomes as a function of various water- and sanitation-related, socioeconomic and demographic factors. We also evaluate the impacts of WASH improvements on rates of infectious disease, time savings, income generation, and other outcomes of interest. Finally, we are interested in what makes for effective health risk communication to households in low- and middle-income countries. This topic is important because there is a substantial behavioral component required for the health benefits of non-networked water and sanitation services to be realized.

Current projects

Water, sanitation, and child mortality in Africa (Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University, and Natinonal Science Foundation funding): This is a field-based investigation into the use of informational interventions to improve water management, saniation practices, and hand hygiene among 1,000 Tanzanian households with under-5 children.