Research: Institutions & organizational models


Many pressing challenges in the water and sanitation sector are institutional, rather than technical, in nature. Our group is interested in understanding the institutions and organizations that mediate the efficiency and effectiveness of water and sanitation service delivery. We have investigated how some developing-country organizations succeed in improving responsiveness and accountability to customers, improving transparency and reducing corruption, and expanding services to low-income households. We are also interested in policies related to pricing, subsidies, cost-recovery, and improving services to the poor.

We are also interested in the role that markets and private-sector organizations can play in W&S service delivery. Involvement of large private-sector firms in W&S service delivery has been highly controversial in both industrialized and developing countries. Our group is interested in identifying the conditions under which such public-private partnerships tend to confront conflict and resistance at the local level.  We are also interested in understanding the factors that contribute to successful engagement of the private sector in W&S service delivery. We are focused not only on “large” private-sector participation, but also on the role that small-scale independent providers of water and sanitation services play, particularly in service delivery to poor households. An additional area of research is the use of microfinance to encourage household investment in improved water and sanitation infrastructure.

Current Projects

In collaboration with the national water regulatory authority of Mozambique (CRA), we are evaluating the impacts of legalizing resale of water from household connections in sub-Saharan Africa. (Woods Institute for the Environment, World Bank, and Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor funding)

In collaboration with, we are exploring the role that microfinance can play in improving water supply and sanitation services for Kenyan households. (, MasterCard Foundation funding)